Our Experience

Piedmont understands the complexity of land development projects, and the need for seasoned professionals to successfully plan, design and navigate its entitlements through the regulatory process. We understand the urgency of attention to a project’s needs. Most importantly, we understand the impact of a project’s financial success on your business goals. With a team of licensed professional engineers, surveyors and general contractors possessing over one hundred forty years hands-on experience in the planning, surveying, engineering and construction of residential, office and commercial land development projects, Piedmont has the real-world experience to finish quality projects. Unlike other consulting firms whose incentive is to finish projects meeting regulatory requirements in a manner that benefits the consulting firm’s profitability, Piedmont tackles projects with the client’s best interests and needs in mind. We do this first by understanding the client’s project needs, schedule and financial goals and then through our commitment to be a member of the client’s team, we implement the project’s completion through careful planning, including the preparation of accurate and comprehensive task lists, detailed project schedules, task budgets, frequent project updates, project planning and frequent project progress meetings. We also refer and include other industry experts on the team, including legal, traffic and environmental consultants. We also use the most advanced project management and land development design software including MS Office Suite and AutoCAD Civil 3D, as well as many other current industry-standard design software packages to assure your project receives the highest quality and technically complete work products. Piedmont Design Group can and will provide direct and responsive attention to assure your project’s success. We are licensed in and have worked in many counties and jurisdictions in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and have established relationships with key agency and governmental representatives in order to benefit your project from these relationships and “local know-how” of the approval process. In order to maintain our technical and business acumen, our team is also actively involved in relevant organizations that advance the land development industry’s importance and voice to the jurisdictions.