Libertytown, Frederick County, Maryland

Residential; 2.2 DU/Ac on 66 acres; comprised of 147 detached fee-simple homes.

Piedmont provided boundary and topographic surveys; land planning; forest resources, wetlands/waters of the US and wet soils surveys, traffic impact studies; design and entitlements for Concept Plan, Natural Resources Inventory/Forest Stand Delineation (NRI/FSD), Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan, Concept SWM Plan, Forest Stand Delineation, Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan, Preliminary Plan of site layout, water, sewer, storm drainage, SWM, erosion & sediment control; hydro-geologic groundwater availability, yield studies, groundwater recharge easements investigation, and permitting; pending design of Final Forest Conservation Plan and Improvement Plan; pending preparation and recordation of access, SWM, and utility deeds of easement and exhibits and Final Plats; pending NPDES construction stormwater permit; pending Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) and Frederick County site access permit, pending Joint Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)/ACOE wetlands/waters of the US permit, pending County construction permits.

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